Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well, I just finished Duke Nukem Forever. I had to wait 'till I came back to Cordoba to play the final levels, since I don't have a computer in Barcelona, only my laptop.

Anyway, it's not a memorable game. Not even great. But it's not the piece of shit that most journalist insist it is. It currently ranks really low in metacritics, and I think that's unfair. Although the graphics in some levels are out of date, it's not particularly rich in animations and the story (as could be expected) sucks, the level design is good, the weapons are enjoyable, the length and additional features (multiplayer, unlockable items, achievements) are appropriate and my overall feeling is that it deserves the money I payed for it. Furthermore, if you like Duke's politically incorrect humor, you may even like the game.

Then why all that bad press? Can't say, but my gut feeling is videogame press is far too often a victim of hype. Any game with 'Call of duty' before a number receives automatically ratings over 90, no matter how repetitive the formula may be. Not to mention Halo series, the hypest game in history.

So I wouldn't recommend Duke Nukem Forever unless you dig his main character and humor, but considering the game was so close in so many occasions to be canceled, getting to gold is an outstanding achievement for the guys at Gearbox. Well done!

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