Friday, September 18, 2009

GAME WRITING - Narrative Skills for Videogames

Thank god, I eventually finished reading Game Writing – Narrative skills for videogames. Not totally sure, but I think it’s the book which took me more time to complete in my life. More than 2 years, I’d say.

I’m not saying it doesn’t contain some useful info, but it’s scattered around its 300 pages. The bulk of the book is common places, data that everyone knows and some over-detailed info about minor aspects that become almost useless. It’s a compilation of different articles from different authors. Some of them are more fun to read, some others are boring as hell.

You can also add the fact that reading essays is always more exhausting than stories, and it’s even worse if it’s in a foreign language (english, in this case).

Even though I have some writing experience on published games (minor contributions to Runaway & La Prisión, 2 text-based mobile games and the source spanish version of Imperial Glory & Wanted texts), I don’t think this book was worth my time. If you don’t need to read it, try to skip it.