Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm documenting for my next project, and one of the games used as reference is Uncharted 3, which I bought and finished the other day. If you liked Uncharted 2 you have to like this one since all mechanics and features are pretty much the same.

Still, not a problem. I think U2 was a really remarkable game, and I've talked about it in this blog here and here. I may have tried to add some more unique gameplay but achieving the level of 'movie-like' they maintain is not easy at all, so still a recommendable title.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Due to a work interview I recently played and finished Crysis 2. I remember I tried to play the demo when the game was released but it was multiplayer only and furthermore I couldn't log into any server so after a week trying I gave up. But now I've got the chance to play the game and the sensations are quite good.

Yes, the first levels are not as engaging as the last ones, which have unique scenarios and much more compelling enemies, but graphically the game looks good (although I keep thinking that I've seen NY destroyed in too many games / movies / series) and the tactical shooter type is unusual, a variation from the far-too-common Call of Duty approach so popular these days.

Anyway, if you buy it ensure to play until the end, that's where the best parts of the game are.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Taking advantage of my current state which allows me to have some free time, I'm intending to finish some games I have in the shelf. I've just finished Orcs must die! (PC), an excellent twist to the tower defense genre where you not only set your traps for the incoming hordes of orcs but you're also required to take them down with your crossbow or sword.

A nice twist which works perfectly, good story pieces with lots of humor, smart mechanics to favor replayability and an additional challenge when I discovered a friend on the leaderboards, so I felt compelled to better him.

In any case, a good purchase. I'll possibly play some more to beat my marks... and those from my friend.