Monday, June 27, 2022


Alright, this seems to be the first new game I finish this year. I´m obviously behind, compared to last. Anyway, it´s time to talk about Lumbearjack

In this videogame eco-system where all games need to deliver more than 12 hours of gameplay to justify its purchase no matter the price, Lumbearjack stands out because of the opposite. It´s 2-2,5h long, and proud to be

Also, it´s not challenge-based. The gameplay is simple and easy to grab by any player. If you´re an Elden Ring fan, this won´t be for you. It´s clear the creators wanted to make something simple, cute and short. And they delivered

The older I get, the more I appreciate time and more I like short games. There is no need to stretch gameplay adding repetitive chores or template-based missions to reach a higher numbers of playtime hours. I think we should all praise and buy games that try to offer honest 4-5h and make that content as high quality as possible, even if that means playing a little less

On the other side, Lumbearjack can become a bit repetitive after the first 30-40 min. There aren´t many new features added beyond that point. But still, for playing with kids it´s probably perfect