Friday, August 9, 2013


The day after it was released, I started to hear people saying it was an amazing game. So often I eventually decided to buy it. Sold out at Gamestop and the mall. I ordered it at Amazon UK. Was it that good?

Ok, I started playing it and it's definitively a good game. Great in some aspects. But not a 95+ in metacritics as it's right now. Why so much hype, then?

On the plus side all game systems are well developed and satisfying. There are different weapons at your disposal and they're all effective, some particularly useful in certain gameplay situations. There are good emotional moments along the plot and being a collector I valued so many pickables at my disposal. There were even some moments with unique systems (I'm thinking on the audio-driven miniboss at the resort). And I really liked the ellipsis between chapters, quite new.

On the minus side, it's a plot-driven game of a story I already know. It shares multiple elements with The Walking Dead - The videogame (zombies, survivors, tough guy who doesn't hesitate to kill when needed, take care of a girl, a cannibal episode, main characters die, QTE moments...) or I am Legend. To me it's not eye candy since the scenarios are old news, you've seen them all in movies, series or other games. So many collecting options often clash against the game chase situations, promoting a slow-pace when the cinematics are so frentic. The progression system (improving the weapons) it's far too cheap. They reuse systems and animations from Uncharted like crazy (even the main character has a suspicious resemblance with Drake) and the multiplayer is just ok.

Don't get me wrong: It's a good game worth of what I paid for it. I just think Naughty Dog has a great reputation and somehow that has transpired into this title. I guess I've been trapped by hype again...