Sunday, October 24, 2021



One of those indie darlings I tend to like a lot, the rule also applies in this case. The game concept is simple: Every 60 sec you die, but you keep everything you found during that time. That combines with metroidvaina elements, allowing you to find certain objects and unlocking new areas on each try

Failure/death is a certainty, but you don´t find it frustrating. At the beginning of each round you feel motivated to try something different, or see what you can do with that new object you just collected. It´s also packed with secrets and mysterious interactions dedicated players will be eager to try. Not me though. I fear losing too much time of my life trying something that eventually has no reward, so the way I approach secrets in games is to give them one first honest try, but move on if I don´t see a clear solution ahead. Only once I´ve finished my first playthrough I allow myself a second attempt, but generally using an internet walkthrough to minimize time losses

Visually speaking is simple but effective. Pixel art has some flavor beyond players - like me - who first played in the 80s, and it´s certainly cheaper to accomplish than 3D graphics. The only problem I had with the game is the ending: I finished it without really wanting. The story is sketchy at best, and you are not completely sure what is the final challenge you´re supposed to accomplish. It turned out when you throw your sword to the toilet - which you are forced to do at some point - the game is over. Really

Anyway, I strongly recommend it if you´re looking for something different, you like games with many secrets to uncover or simply want to have a good time without next-gen visuals