Saturday, February 16, 2013


It´s been a while, but I finished another game. This time it was Assassin´s Creed Brotherhood (actually the third AC game).

I played a couple of hours the first one and I found it interesting both for the setting and the free-running concept, but that´s all. But since the AC franchise has some points in common with my current project, and thanks to Lolo who gave it to me as a present a year ago (he used to work in Ubisoft, and got it at a reduced price) I pushed myself to play it.

I´ve enjoyed it quite a lot. Not only for again an interesting location (this time Rome in the Renaissance) but also for the multiple mechanics and an internal difficulty level which allows players to enjoy the game easily or going for internal challenges (on each mission you have an additional objective, which allows to get the 100% sync).

Aside from that I´m the explorer type, and the game has multiple treasures and secrets to find. Probably the game with more of these I´ve played.

I´m chasing the 100% now, and I´ll probably give a try to the MP and some more trophees. It´s actually the game I´ve unlocked more achievements so far!