Monday, April 13, 2020


Last week I finished Warlords of New York (WONY), the last project I worked on. Technically it´s an expansion, but you could also call it a small new division game due to the relatively new setting (at least compared to TCTD2) and the scope

One of the main goals of the game is to resonate on players who enjoyed the first game. It´s not just the scenario (actually it´s kinda different, since TCTD was based on a snowed NY, while WONY takes place on a humid Summer. If you know about game development, that means most graphic assets are completely new!) but also characters and plot are follow-ups from the original title. But there is more. As said in Pulp Fiction, “it´s the little things”: You might not notice it, but we also brought back head models from the first game, so players can have the same visual customization if they please

There is a number of gameplay novelties as well, not only new skills but also how you acquire them and the whole progression system. On top of that, we believe the community would be interested in story-based content. Most of the patches we´ve done in the past are new game modes and rewards, but making the plot advance is something we have done in small bits so far, let´s see how people reacts to a big story jump

All things considered, this (above) is why I refer to WONY as a small new division game. It´s certainly more than just an expansion. I still have 3-4 trophies to obtain, see you around Wall Street :D