Sunday, October 23, 2016


WoW Legion has kept me away from other games lately, but I found the time to play and finish Inside. It was highly praised by some colleagues and I enjoyed Limbo, the previous game of this company. Plus it was reasonably cheap, so why not?

Generally speaking, great game. Not many mechanics but well implemented and always forcing the player to use them in a slightly different way on each new level. Visually speaking has certain personality and altogether gives the title a certain unique mood. You don´t get that so often lately

It´s short (you can finish it in 4-5 hours depending on your ability) but for 20 euros I actually like that. I´m sort of tired of those games that take 40 hours to be completed. I don´t have that luxury. And the best thing of all: While being a puzzle game I didn´t need any walkthrough to finish it. I did it all by myself, and this has some merit because I get stressed easily and as soon as I fail to find the solution 2-3 times I immediately check internet

I´ll need someone to explain me the ending and the internal logic of the world, but other than that it´s a great purchase, interesting, slightly challenging and enjoyable. If you didn´t, go play it. It´s among the top 10 games of the year without a doubt