Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I haven't posted much lately since I'm back to WoW and that consumes most of my time. Haven't played many games other than killing gnomes and such. Lok'tar Ogar!

That was partially the reason why I gave it a try to Rambo the videogame. It was supposed to be a short experience but I couldn't imagine it'd be so painful. Seriously, the game sucks in almost every possible aspect

Let's back track: Despite the horrible reviews (it currently holds a shameful 34 in metacritics, 1.9 for users!) I'm essentially a kid from the eighties and well, Rambo was part of that. I wouldn't say it was a hero for me, but getting older makes me somehow nostalgic

But I wasn't ready for this: The gameplay mechanics are poorly implemented to the point that it's extremely frustrating. The aiming is uncontrollable (particularly if you use a pad), the level design is extremely predictible, the weapons are limited and not enjoyable, the number of systems is not necessarily low but each of them are sub-par. The difficulty is boolean, either it's too hard or piece of cake. The story doesn't tell you a thing you don't know, the scenarios are the same from the movies... and above all it's a shooter on rails, which doesn't give you much choices. Some times you get to perform a QTE or a turret fight, but that's all

Seriously, don't buy it. I finished it just because I like to put an end to everything I start, but this is easily the worst game I've played in 20 years. The length was the only aspect that didn't disappoint. I finished the game in a little more than 4 hours. A time that I will never get back.