Sunday, May 28, 2017


Knowing that PS3/Xbox 360 will be discontinued (as well as its online services) some day, I´m still trying to finish some old games before that happens. In the last months I´ve been playing Rage, and honestly it´s been a bit of a testing one...

Fairly hyped before its release, it was met with mixed reviews. I personally consider the PS3 version (don´t know about other platforms) as a technical failure. My reasons are:

  • LoD popping everywhere. Worst game I´ve seen
  • Don´t undertand why they had to instance dungeons. Streaming technology should have made it possible, and honestly the game as a whole it´s not so detailed
  • Forces you to save all the time. Checkpoints are non-existent in some areas, or simply ignore the "no more than 5 min lost" rule

All things considered it felt to me like a game conceived for PC, and at some point someone told the dev team "Ey, you do remember we´re supposed to deliver it on consoles as well, right?"

Design wise is not bad. If you like Mad-max settings it´s probably appealing. The shooting mechanics are well implemented and the game balance is adecuate. I´m not too hot about the AI movement options, though, since some enemies move too fast both horizontally and vertically. For PC is probably ok, but in console I had some issues targeting. Also not totally sure if the collisions shouldn´t have been more indulgent, I would often miss when I´m almost sure it should have been a hit

Aside from the core mechanics, the game offers some acceptable (not particularly new) racing challenges, crafting, mini-games, and side missions. In terms of content delivered it´s solid, it took me up to 21 hours to finish the game, plus 90% of the trophies (I am of the completionist type)

Anyway, not a bad game but definitively not a memorable one