Sunday, June 30, 2019


Framed 2 is as good as the first game, for better and worse. That means the concept of rearranging comic frames still feels fresh and engaging, but there aren't many novelties to claim this to be enough development for a sequel. Since it's also around 2-3 hours long, it feels more an extension pack rather than a stand-alone game

Ok, that sounds a bit worse than it should. Make no mistake, it's a good game and more addictive than you might think. And being short is not a problem for me, I'd rather pay for an intense experience that keeps me engaged over an artificially stretched game that repeats itself. Framed 2 does have some little iterations over the original concept such as (if I remember correctly) managing 2 characters simultaneously and the collectibles. But again they fall short to make you perceive the game as more than an extension

Visually speaking it has a firm and unique art direction, and I personally find the asian noir a nice twist that adds value to the overall product. But I can´t forget it crashed 3 times just before I was about to complete a scene successfully. Mi iPad is old, but still if l can purchase it, it should run smoothly

In summary, if you liked the first game you should try this one. If you didn't don't bother. If you didn't try it start with the first ;)