Wednesday, September 1, 2021



I´ve always liked to have a portable gaming device in my life. Since my Gamewatch times as a kid (and not so kid actually, since in the last years I´ve purchased a bunch of those vintage mini-consoles on Ebay) there is a number of everyday situations where I enjoyed playing with my PsP, Nintendo DS or lately my iPad2

As a consequence, I tend to keep my latest device of choice more or less filled with apps - and particularly games. Unless I´m hooked somehow on one of them, I don´t play regularly. Only when the situation arises. So, sometimes they can stay untouched for years

That was the case for the last game I finished, Angry Birds Star Wars. I think it was on sale so I said to myself “why not?” and played it on idle times here and there. Last week I found out I was only 10 levels away from completion and decided to finish it once and for all. As the matter a fact it´s not truly done. There are bonus levels I should pay for, and unlockable others that require to achieve X amount of stars. I guess I´m changing my definition of completion on mobile games to “finished all available levels from the initial purchase”

Anyway, it´s basically Angry birds with a Star Wars skin. It does have some new units – modelled after the IP characters – but feel more iterative than innovative. Still, it works and definitively fills up those 10 min you don´t know what to do with while riding the bus or waiting for your next meeting