Thursday, December 27, 2012


This looks like a good moment to mention Ecofish, a small indie game created by just 4 guys 10 months ago: Eduardo 'Barkley' Jimenez (coder and project lead), Toni Ros & Manuel Usero (graphic artists) and me. We released it originally on iOS (Apple store), XLIG and recently on PSM, the store for Sony mobile devices and PSP Vita.

My part on that project was game designer (along with Barkley, the coder), level designer and kind of scrum master / tester / producer. It was a pleasure tele-working with them, and was also very helpful to ease the pain of working at my employer back at that moment. A pity I couldn´t invest more time, since I could barely spend a couple of hours on working days, so I had to book most of my weekends almost exclusively for this project.

Anyway, I feel proud of my participation on that project, I think it´s among the best pieces of work I´ve done in my career and (particularly the level designs) I can say I was practically the sole owner of them (so if you don´t like them you can certainly blame me for it :D). I recommend anyone interested on indie games to give it a try. More info here.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I just found an interesting article of how the whole Hot Coffee crisis happened after the GTA San Andreas release. You can read it here.

Truth is, this may have been a turning point for Rockstar. That company was famous for challenging the boundaries, but after the Hot Coffee mod discovered hidden sex mini-games seems like the company learned the monetary value of taking some risks, and since then they haven´t exactly tried to innovate in terms of content. GTA 4 was more of the same in my opinion and I suspect GTA 5 will follow the trend. We´ll see.