Sunday, July 28, 2019


Being TCTD2 a live game is not easy to decide when you´ve truly “finished” it but it´s a tacit understanding you can claim that when you´ve completed the story campaign

Anyway, although I did complete it some time ago, I´ve been trying to get some of the low-hanging trophies and follow-up on the end-game activities. There are plenty of them, actually, since it was a conscious decision to make the game particularly rich in that sense. I´m still on it

TCTD2 is kinda unique game for 2 reasons: First it´s a semi-MMO, adapted to consoles. Second is one of the first games in Ubisoft conceived as a mid-term GaaS: You do pay for the box, but there is a myriad of new content afterwards, plus updates and fixes across several years of post-launch

As such, sometimes you feel in uncharted territory when working here, since we need to come up with standards that don´t exist in the company (maybe in the industry?). Naturally, adaptation and flexibility becomes a must, which brings its own challenges

Reputed to be one of the best “looter shooters” in the market, if you like the genre and/or Tom Clancy´s political fiction you should give it a try