Monday, July 4, 2016


At the time, I hadn´t previously played Maniac Mansion, but as a fan of other Lucasfilms graphic adventures (Monkey Island 1 & 2, Fate of the Atlantis) I was curious about The day of the Tentacle. In all honesty I had a lot of fun playing... but also frustration. You have to remember back in those days there weren´t online walkthroughs. If you were stuck you had to wait until other kid told you how to proceed. Still I was stubborn and no matter how much I had previously failed I played over and over until... well, couldn`t finish it. I guess the puzzles were too difficult for me

Yeah, some time after I finished it with the help of a magazine walkthrough. It was a great experience to finally see the ending. I had a hard time anyway since my hard drive was fairly small and I had to delete the operative system every time I played to make space for the game. Literally

Point-and-click adventures were everywhere at the time, but this was probably the best. It was fun, lots of new ideas and it made sense as a whole. The only game I´ve played in which you can swap at will among different time periods. Still the procedure of "talk to everybody until you run out of dialogues" and "try every object with EVERYTHING" was boring. Today you just go online and find out the solution. In the nineties you were just fucked

Thanks a to a bet I won (yes, I bet Spain wouldn´t win the Eurocup) a friend of mine purchased it for me to get even. I´ve played again and finished not only the game but also all the Steam achievements. Whenever I was blocked, I would check any walkthrough. I had lots of fun and got trapped in nostalgia often. A great game from a time in which hardcore was the standard