Monday, August 3, 2015


It´s being difficult lately to finish games since I´m once again “hooked” to WoW. While waiting for the internet connection for my new apartment, I did some pending PS3 trophies and completed the latest Medal of Honor

Not a great game, but not bad either. Remember I´m an advocate of games rated between 6-7 as long as their price is adjusted accordingly. I got my MoH copy very cheap from a friend so it was definitively worth it. Didn´t play the MP, though. Maybe some day

In general terms, it´s another Call of Duty copycat. Yes, they´ve tried to singularize it by going realistic (as opposed to the futuristic path CoD has taken lately) and used real locations from the Afghan war. Still the theme, questionable storylines, the similar combat mechanics plus occasional exotic gameplay with some moneyshots here and there make this product feel like Activision lawyers could make a case at court

Aside from repetitive level design, nothing wrong on it. Visually speaking is a little disappointing and certainly doesn´t have any personality by its own, but it works. With the usual “America fuck yeah” moments, in general is a game that offers pretty much what you expect, but not an inch more