Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brief Introduction

Hi, reader. Just a few lines to introduce myself and this blog. As a videogame designer, I feel that most press reviews are not accurate enough, either because the reviewer didn’t have the time to play the whole game, or because there are company interests behind. Here you’ll find game reviews only of those games I completed personally, along with articles about industry trends, and anything that affects to videogames.

Just feel free to write down your comments. Since I’m a spaniard, some people may write theirs in spanish. I’ll do my best to help people understand each other. Enjoy!


sgarces said...

Hey, congrats on the blog.

It's good to write something for other people to appreciate.

I hope you'll write some design stuff on top of the game reviews. I'd love to see some real discussions!

Alvaro Vazquez de la Torre said...

Thanks, Sergio. I'll definitively post some design stuff from time to time, but the main focus of the blog will be reviews. It helps me to set my impressions over games and books. :)