Monday, September 29, 2008


I always liked History. As a consequence as a player I also enjoy games set in historical scenarios. But I’m not including in that category games like God of War, set in a mythical world where gods and demos are common.

I mean those games that try to reconstruct that age realistically, and make you feel like you were living those times. There are not much of those games, aren’t there? Ok, there are lots of games set in WWII, but they’re not trying to reconstruct the 40s world itself.

That’s the reason why I like GTA Vice city (Rockstar). I don’t feel encouraged enough to play the other GTAs since I’m not really interested in exploring the current NY, for instance. Plus, I like the 80s. I’ve finished both Vice cities (PS2 and PSP) and I’m really looking forward to play a third one (hear me, Rockstar guys? ;)).

Now that I come to think about it The Godfather (EA) is another of these games. And also Driver Parallel lines (Reflections). Why all the games depicting a certain era are all free-roaming gameplay based?

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