Monday, May 10, 2010


Now that I finished my novel, I’m gonna invest some time on playing all those games I left aside while I was writing. The first one I’ve completed is Bioshock 2.

What a great game. Again I had that feeling I didn’t pay enough money for it, and that’s always good. The story is once again superb, I value how they simplified some mechanics (compared with Bioshock), production values are even greater than the previous game and the music is amazing. I simply love that level when you play as a little sister. It could be easily one of the finest moments I’ve had playing videogames, and one of those rare moments where I feel no movie could take me to.

On the minus side, I’m missing some bosses like those in Bioshock, and the last level took a little too long for my taste. Somehow they broke the tension they created in the previous level. Not major issues, anyway.

Waiting for Bioshock 3!

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