Wednesday, July 7, 2010


And another game completed. This time Call of Duty World at War. If I remember correctly I bought it just because I was ‘hyped’ by the tv commercials, and now I regret of that decission.

Ok, it’s not a bad game at all. It’s more than decent. But you can’t compare it with CoD Modern Warfare (released 1 year before). The level design is just ok and relies far too often in adding more and more enemies mindlessly. The graphics are ok, with the exception of the faces who look all made out of plastic. Also the mechanics are fine, but some of the optional ones are far too frustrating (melee combat, mainly).

However, the main flaw of the game is the lack of innovation. It feels like Treyarch has followed the classic CoD pattern: No storyline, different locations with no relation whatsoever, reduced number of combat mechanics and that’s all. Not even some exciting new locations or combat situations. Although it was sold as ‘the war in the Pacific’ only half of the game takes place in that scenario.

Generally satisfying, I had several hard times while playing it because of the poor level design or the lack of information. I wouldn’t recommend to buy it, unless you’re a hardcore CoD gamer.

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