Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've just finished the latest of the Professor Layton series: The Unwound Future. Although I briefly played the others, I found this one much more emotionally touching, and that's why I decided to complete it.

The gameplay is just the same: The plot leads the player through different brain teasers. Solving them allows you to advance towards the next chapter. However in The Unwound Future for the first time the main characters seem to have some depth (we're introduced to Layton's former girlfriend, and Luke is sorry because he has to leave Layton). Also, the initial hook (the time machine and its failure) is much more interesting than those from the other games.

The title also features some extra non-plot-related puzzles you can solve independently, and the production values are higher compared with previous games (lots of cutscenes!). All things considered, I had that nice feeling of playing a game that is worth much more money than the one I actually spent. And that's always great.

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