Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've just 'finished' Diablo 2. That is, I killed Diablo and completed the 4 acts in normal difficulty, using a Paladin lvl 28. It took me 25-30 hours.

However, the game is far from being truly completed. Once you kill Diablo the Nightmare difficulty level is unlocked, and you can now play the whole game from the beginning. Even more, if you complete it, the Inferno difficulty is unlocked and you can level you character until lvl 99.

Well, not for me. Since I'm generally more interested in the game story I consider I had enough. Plus, all I really wanted was to ensure I had a complete view of the game mechanics.

The truth is I didn't really had much fun while playing it. I find the game flow repetitive, occasionally frustrating and the story quite dull. However, I have to admit that it was a huge step forward. In 2000, the year when Diablo 2 was released, games had little story, online gaming was an exception and the truth is the mechanics are esplendid for hardcore gamers and an inspiration for following games (in fact I think Diablo mechanics influenced World of Warcraft much more than Warcraft 3).

This game excels when played cooperatively. If I can convince some friends to play it, I'd consider to buy the upcoming Diablo 3 to play with them.


castillo said...

me acabe diablo II en single y en cooperativo y pienso hacer lo mismo con el 3 cuando salga, asi que puedes contar con mi espada...

Alvaro Vazquez de la Torre said...

Según Diablo 3 llegará el año que viene:

Para entonces el rebelde Hugo ya se pasará el día en los bares, por lo que Guillén podrá apuntarse. Me consta que le mola porque en Pyro jugamos un tiempo.

Aviso que soy un yonki de los portales a la ciudad. Odio dejar nada en el suelo!

castillo said...

claro que le mola, en dinamic jugabamos mogollon al diablo y me consta que el, carmencita y fidel le dieron duro tambien.

asi que como diria Barney Stinson, "challenge accepted!"