Sunday, June 26, 2011


It has just been announced Star Wars Galaxies is going to been put to sleep in December. I have mixed feeling about it. I spent almost 2 years playing that game, but I have to admit it was really crappy. The developers tried to create a game without challenges or design-oriented content, and just let users create all the fun. They obviously failed.

However there was a hidden objective which allowed users to become a jedi, and that was what I tried to achieve for all that time. I eventually made it, but the game was re-designed and everyone was allowed to create a jedi character, which sent all my efforts to the trash.

Now Raph Koster, the game director, tries to convince people he created something unique. He just fucked it up. He's probably one of those guys who sell themselves much better than they really work.

Anyway, I may re-open my account in December to say goodbye to my characters, travis-san, truman-san and trantor-san. So many hours together...

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