Saturday, September 17, 2011


I recently completed Twilight Princess and while I was playing I took notes of all the improvements I'd made on the game. I ended up with more than 2 pages. It's not only the difficulty level (the game can be really hard to complete. It's not that it took me up to 50 hours to finish it, it's also his creator kind of agrees with me :D) but also the whole concept of 'you're alone in the world with no help whatsoever. Ain't that fun?'.

Anyway, it is my opinion that the series has aged without major changes. Maybe the DS versions have advanced the design a little bit, allowing more agile travels and a clearer interface which helps you to know where you are and where you are supposed to go, but it could also be simply that DS peculiarities (such as taking notes with the stylus) forced those changes and we won't see them in future titles.

Let's see the upcoming new Zelda. I'm not planning to buy it, but it would be good if they eventually try to make the concept evolve. It's one of the most important videogame sagas, design-wise. It deserves it.

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