Saturday, July 13, 2013


This is probably the first kickstarter project I funded, like 2 years ago. It's all about nostalgia, since Leisure suit Larry in the land of lounge lizards was one of the first games I played in that PC I inherited from my cousin Pedro. It was one of those old school graphic adventures using a word parser to interact with the game, extremely punishing if you failed and double difficult if you weren't a native English speaker.

Even so, I played that game like crazy. I was around 15 and it had some erotic components so I really felt compelled to finish it. Back in the days it was semi-impossible to know the solution for the puzzles unless you tried and tried. Today it's simply a question to open a browser. I eventually managed to complete it, but never with the top score.

It has taken me a little more than 3 hours to finish it now. In terms of quality looks like a flash game, but it's still enjoyable and they've barely expanded it, it's essentially the same game of 20 years ago.

I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a die hard fan of the series, but I'm happy with my contribution to the project. I really think Kickstarter iniciatives can make a different in the videogame scene!

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