Sunday, January 4, 2015


I had heard of Framed some time ago as an innovative storytelling proposal, and it was in my to-do list. After started playing "Papers, Please" I thought I was behind on this genre in particular and I purchased Device 6 (still pending) and the aforementioned

Framed is a great game. The gameplay proposal is simple: There is a story going on, told through animated comic frames. If you let it progress without action from your side, the characters will fail. You need to re-arrange the frames in the proper order (only one on each case) to progress

The concept is well adapted to tactile devices (you just swipe in most of the cases) but doesn’t look impossible to port to other platforms. The design is simple (KISS principle) and elegant. The play sessions are short (each page takes 3-4 minutes) and engaging, you easily fall onto that Civilization attitude “just one more”

Visually speaking is also impressive. It has a neo-noir style and the animations are very good and varied. On the negative side it’s kinda short (specially if you paid 5 bucks as I did), you cannot replay specific pages afaik and I personally couldn’t fully understand the story – keep in mind it’s like a silent movie: No dialogues or texts whatsoever, only characters doing things -

In any case, it’s a game that tries to do something new and succeeds. No wonder it was the game of the year for Hideo Koyima. I highly recommend it!

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