Sunday, December 13, 2009


Well, another thing I'm trying to do is to raise up my expertise with level editors. I've decided to start with the basics, and I'm working on StarEdit, the level editor of Starcraft (1998). Although it's old, it's surprisingly complex. I tried to master it years ago, but I failed. Now things are different, and so far I'm doing much better.

For now, I've just completed a multiplayer map. You can download it clicking here, and then move the file to the relevant folder (C:\Archivos de programa\Starcraft\maps).

In fact, if you can take a look at it you'll be doing a favor to me if you provide some feedback about it. So far I couldn't beat the AI :D. Not surprising since I'm not particularly good at that game. Anyway, I'll try now to make a singleplayer map. Endlessly more difficult. Let's see.

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