Tuesday, October 5, 2010


In the last book I read the author included this quote from Vicente Verdú, a sociologist and writer (the translation is mine):

“Fiction is an increasingly important dimension on the life of many people. Reality is not anymore a fertile territory where to build an interesting life or, in any case, it’s absurd to content yourself only with that existence”

Most people nowadays don’t accept this, particularly women. Some that I know find challenging and exciting enough just to create a family and dedicate the rest of your life to it, and they’re probably right. But for me I need something else.

Seems clear to me that the everyday life in western societies lacks challenges and thrills. The most exciting decision most of us make in our lives is to choose career, which eventually takes you to spend 40 years locked in one office or another. Honestly, it sounds boring to me.

Maybe that’s why I like movies, videogames and books. And at a certain extent I’ve dedicated my life to those areas. I sincerely think that videogames are needed to fill that gap most of us feel in our lives.

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