Monday, November 25, 2013


Thanks to Microsoft and Crytek, one of the perks for finishing the Ryse project has been an Xbox One console and some games, including CoD Ghosts. Since this one the only I cared a little bit, I've just finished it and here are my impressions:

Same old, same old. It has all the good things from previous instances and nothing new. Meaning if you like the series, you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for novelties, this is not your game.

On the plus side it's a compilation of interesting scenarios, lots of destruction, variety of challenges (stealth, turret gameplay, tank and of course shooting) and reasonably good looking. The multiplayer is as good as always, although being relatively new to it I die really often.

On the minus side, the plot is slightly confusing, they run out of bad guys and now they're using Venezuelans (¿?), some of the layouts were confusing to me and couldn't see the difference between enemies and allies. Plus, inherited from previous games, I often shoot at my team since sometimes the only way to know they're on your side is to move the reticule onto them and wait for a name to show up (too late)

Also, many times the game uses simple QTEs to progress (i.e. press RT to cut the rope) with hard fail conditions. Ryse was widely (and incorrectly) critizised for using QTEs, but not CoD. Why is that? Probably because it's only one button press and it's commonly associated to something spectacular. In God of War it's even more obvious.

Anyway, a good purchase if you like the CoD series, otherwise go indie!

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