Sunday, November 10, 2013


It has obviously taken a while, but last week I finished the story mode of GTA V. I had already completed other GTAs (Vice City and Vice City Stories) so no big surprises in general. I don't consider the storytelling of these games outstanding, to be honest.

However, this one has important novelties on gameplay. The first and more important one in my opinion is the addition of a multiplayer mode. This is no easy task, and although the developers seem to have borrowed most of the Read Dead Redemption design, it works fine and it's enjoyable. The progression system could be more meaningful for the player in my opinion, but being the first time they try it's definitively a great step.

The second most important novelty, again in my opinion, is the heist simulations. In several instances of the plot the main characters are all involved on an operation that allows the player to swap between them. This pretty much forced the designers to script each mission 3 times.

Aside from this, you will find the usual sandbox experience (excessively limited to interaction with the police, imho), big world (most of it unused I think) and ironic cutscenes. In any sense a top of the class experience, and a memorable game. Probably worth the 97 it currently holds in Metacritic.

I'm currently grinding the rest of trophies since this is going to be the first game I get a platinum award on. Seemed easier than other games, that's all.

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