Thursday, January 30, 2014


And another iOS game bites the dust! Devil’s attorney was recommended to me by a workmate due to its sense of humor and original combat sytem. In both cases, it didn’t disappoint.

Along with the Phoenix Right series, it’s the only ‘Lawyer simulator’ game I know of. In terms of story you impersonate an attorney who always defends blatantly guilty criminals. There are multiple pop references (you defend Rick Ashley or Arnold Swarzenegger-alikes) and some sub-plots based on the conversations between Max McMann (you) and the prosecutors. Fresh, selfish but charming, you sympathize with Max almost right away.

Regarding gameplay, aside from a basic leveling mechanic the game is entirely based on the combat system: Turn-based, the user needs to manage 2 parameters. One is the ‘health’ of your case and the other your action points per turn. You’re given (or unlocked) a number of abilities which consume action points, so you need to use them wisely. Once you run out of them, your enemies attack: These are witnesses and evidences (some of them boosting the others) which all subtract health points from your pool.

It’s relatively basic but works very well. You need to plan your strategy carefully, select your targets and trust the dice. For an iOS game I think it’s a great combat design.

Graphically speaking the game doesn’t feature many scenarios, but it has a clear 80s personality that I personally love. Another thing I really value is how they’ve tailored the game experience for short periods of time, around 5-10 min per case. That’s extremely convenient for portable devices.

All in all, a great purchase (this time I paid for it) and I fully recommend it.

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