Saturday, August 30, 2014


The game was GTA Vice City, and the mission's name is "Demolition man". If memory serves is one of the story ones, which means you HAVE to complete it if you want to progress in the plot. But the mission was... fucking difficult.

It goes like this: You get to control a helicopter toy with really sloppy handling. You're supposed to pick up a bomb nearby, fly the toy into a building and plant it on a specified location. Then you return, collect another bomb and repeat until you've dropped all of them, each on a different floor. Aside from driving through narrow spaces and the helicopter's low health, there are plenty of thugs protecting the location / shooting at you. Check here for more info.

I remember lots of days trying on my PS2, 10 years ago. Back in those days there weren't so much info on the internet, and definitively not video walkthroughs. You could get hints on forums but that was all. On top of that, the mission was super-hard even if you knew exactly what to do.

In the good old days, you played pretty alone and assumed the game was adapted to everyone's skill. As a consequence, if you couldn't finish a game/mission you immediately thought you sucked as a gamer. But today you can read what other people think regarding the same experience, and find out they have the same problems than you. That's how I've found most others were frustrated by this mission as well. That makes it less frustrating since it's not my fault, but instead the game's.

Funny thing is I got the iPad version and I completed it on my third attempt, I think. Times change.

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