Tuesday, July 6, 2021


Sid Meier is credited to be among the best designers in videogame history. He was the creator of dozens of games - mostly simulators - but he got his credit mostly due to Civilization!, one of the best games ever created

These memoirs are mostly professional. Little is said of his personal life aside from what is relevant to understand certain work decisions. I didn´t recall him being so active in the 80s, but I do remember Microprose as a popular company back in those days. Then, I spent so many hours playing Civilization I am not fully confident to admit

The book also gives you a lot of background info on how was project development at that time, how the decisions were made and the people involved, and how things have changed since. Today we mostly work on genre products, whereas in the 80s each game was supposed to reflect a unique experience, different from other existing games. Ah, youth

I was shocked to find out the "Sid Meier´s" prefix was suggested by Robin Williams, and a number of games were released with it that didn´t actually have so much involvement from him - Specially Colonization and Civilization 2, a game I still today consider myself a recovering addict from

Anyway, it was an interesting reading, not only if you like the character behind but also if you are interested in how things used to be and videogame history in general


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