Sunday, August 28, 2022


Ah, Wolfenstein. In the early 90s the predominant genre was graphic adventures, and the original game stood out as a real adrenaline-driven experience

Actually I think I played Spear of destiny first, then Wolfenstein 3D. They were released in the US as shareware, and arrived to Spain in the usual way those days: Some friend would get a copy from another friend, you will copy it via floppy disks, and later on another of your friends will copy it from you

Actually, this pirate activity is one of the reasons why I bought the first reboot (2014) and also this one: I felt I owed Bethesda something for the time I spent playing without paying back in the day. Anyway, talking about Wolfenstein 2, it has been re-interpreted as a linear game (the original was maze-like) with a big focus on story and lots of scripted events. But the core remains more or less the same: Angry guy killing nazis

With so many open world and multiplayer games going on, its refreshing to play a good old single player experience. The great thing about these games is that you know where the player is going to be at any given time, and that it's not going to be a group of them. That means you can plan encounters, videos, animations, scripted events and world reactions accordingly. I would say the level of eye-candyness you can achieve is way superior on single player games. You lack freedom and team work, sure, but it's somehow closer to play a movie

The New Colossus is a good sequel to the previous title. The story is interesting, it has some surprises and to some extent a bit of a parody of the USA. The game systems generally work smoothly and there are some very interesting locations to visit. A professional work in all senses

On the minus side it´s mostly evolutionary over the previous title. No big changes or major risks taken. Also, I was close to lose all my game progress - thanks online storage - due to a confusing profile/saving system. On top of that the menus are a bit basic, I could have used some more options and flashier UI design

All in all a highly recommendable game. Killing nazis is always satisfying!

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