Thursday, December 21, 2023


I didn´t know the Little Nightmares franchise was that successful, apparently it has a huge fanbase. I just recently finished the first one, and my first impression is that it´s one of those games with the proper length. It´s nice to see when the experience is not stretched to match the typical duration of a full price game, but instead change the price to match the duration

The best thing about LN1 is the ambiance. It´s clearly an art-driven project, trying to immerse players into what it seems to be a kid´s nightmare. You feel small and vulnerable, surrounded by oneiric scenarios. You don´t have many tools at your disposal, certainly no combat ones, and all you can do is to keep moving forward (right, actually) and leave behind the monsters

These seem to be based on traumas an impressionable little child might have: Creepy chefs, a janitor, an old lady… The game does a good job in making them look formidable and unbeatable. All you can do is find a way out

The story isn´t much, but it doesn´t try to. There aren´t many more features other than the single player campaign, but it´s fine if the price is right. You can finish the game in 3-4 hours, it´s not too complex and you feel rewarded when it ends. If it had 10 more levels and lasted 15 hours it wouldn´t have been as satisfactory as it was

If you´re into artsy games, that makes you feel something different without a hardcore challenge, I highly recommend Little Nightmares

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