Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I’ve recently been in Japan for a couple of weeks. It was a leisure trip but there was also some business on it since I attended to the Tokio Game Show. That was the last of the major videogame conventions that I had never been in. I attended to the E3 on the 2006 (the last real one before they turned it into a private show for publishers), the Leipzig Games Convention on the 2007 and the GDC on the 2008.

My feelings about the Tokio event were... well, basically the same to those I had from the old E3 and Leipzig’s GC. Again it’s an open show for all videogame lovers, lots of stands where you can play demos of your favourite games if you’re pacient enough to make loooong queues, plus lots of noises and few sits.

From an atendee point of view the main differences where the possibility of having access to many japanese games you’ll rarely see in western markets, lot of merchandise available in specific fan shops, and lots and lots of cosplayers, who added a lot of spice to the show.

From a professional point of view, yet again there were no major announcements made during the show. Big companies tend to prefer to make them in separated and corporative-focused shows they organize along the year. And the presence of japanese companies is so complete that I even doubt that event can be of any use for non-japan-based companies.

Here you can find some pictures I took while I was there. I’ll keep talking about my trip to Japan in future posts.

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