Saturday, July 30, 2011


Although I finished Red Dead Redemption days ago, I've been busy with some funny achievements I wanted to do. Mixed feelings about the game, but mostly good:

- On the 'plus' side the production values are huge, as it's common when you deal with Rockstar games, the multiplayer has many options (possibly the free-roaming game I've played with more features in this area), the length and challenges of the game are definitively worth the money, and your overall feeling about the game is great.

- On the 'minus' side, the main problem I see in the game is the story. Apparently it was written by the lead designer, and you can see that. The starting situation is poorly conceived and the main character has uninteresting secrets and few inner conflicts. Although the resolution is nice, the overall storyline is clearly improvable. Also, Rockstar creates big games with lots of mechanics but most of them are not polished 100%. Glitches are common, and some unbalances too.

Well, the truth is I liked the game, but it didn't drive me crazy. Maybe all the hype created around the title played against it while I was playing. But what the hell, it has to be a good game, otherwise I wouldn't have finished the 100% of it. Or maybe it's simply that I like western games, I also completed the 100% of 'Gun'. Or maybe it's that I like games based on historical times. Who knows.

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