Sunday, August 7, 2011


Not sure if I already mentioned, but I think the videogame industry is currently in a unique moment, regarding the indie scene. Back in the 80s 1-2 developers could create a game and get money and credit for it.

The post-8 bits era brought more powerful consoles, bigger budgets and bigger teams. The individual was absorved by managers and different layers of publishers, editors and marketing requirements.

But now, and thanks first to PC and later to Microsoft, a single developer or a small group of them can create a game, be innovative and get profit and recognizement out of it. There are several channels you can use to make your game public (Steam, XLIG, XBLA and more to come) and the indie scene is quite active. Granted, there are still visibility problems and good marketing is a pending task, but anyway is promising.

From my side I'm proud of being a small actor on the spanish indie scene. I also suspect indies will play a much more important role in the upcoming console generation. We'll see.

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