Sunday, December 25, 2011


This is the first game I complete in iOS, and essentially the main reason for buying the iPad. I started working on Digital Legends months ago and I hadn't played any game of that platform, including this Angry Birds about which everyone was talking about. It was the first game I bought in the Apple store and played it for a while until my sister discovered it and out-played all my progress, which I hate.

So I deleted the game, downloaded again and played it from the beginning. It contained some more chapters than the first release (I understand Rovio is still updating it) and took some more time to finish, but it became my 'bathroom' game and I was able to complete it right before coming back to Cordoba, so my sister can't ruin my feeling of finishing the game by myself.

Anyway it's a great game, possibly the best of 2010. It's design is particularly well adapted to the platform (tactile interface, easy-to-learn difficul-to-master, short but intense levels, simple rules and lots of rewards), good scaling of the mechanics and addictive as hell. If I need to highlight some negative aspect, I can only say the 'story' (those short cutscenes where the pigs steal the eggs and eventually are defeated) are improvable, even with the limitation of not using words. But it's such a secondary element of the game that it's not a big deal.

So if you have an iOS device there is no excuse to buy the game, it's really cheap. And if you don't, it's possibly the killer app of the platform.

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