Thursday, December 8, 2011


Finally I've finished Portal 2. I started playing last time I was in Cordoba, where I have a computer which can run the game (here at Barcelona I used to have a laptop). But now that I bought a new computer I was able not only to make it work but also Steam stores your advances and when I installed it all the episodes I'd completed were still there, so I could resume the game from the very point where I had left it.

What a game, Jesus. One of the best sequels I've played if not the best. They just add 3 new gameplay elements, the gels, but the story is so much better and still works as rewards after each puzzle.

Ah, puzzles. If there is something I can say I didn't totally like it's the fact that it's essentially a puzzle game and whenever you don't find the right solution (and there is only one) you're stuck. As usual, after 5-10 mins failing to find the way to crack the puzzle I look for an internet walkthrough and bypass the game. I'm not the hardcore type and I can't spend hours trying to understand the designer's logic.

Anyway it's a remarkable game. I'd love to play the co-operative but some time has passed since the release and I'm not sure if I'll find some friend to help me. In any case I strongly recommend anyone interested in puzzle games to buy it. Maybe the game of the year for me.


cpskull said...

Hey, I might be the only person who enjoys Portal 2 so much that they download the whole soundtrack for it and puts it on their iPod, in fact I'm listening to Exile Vilify right now. I enjoyed the game so much I researched out about 'Mel' the previous idea for the Portal 2 co-operative section to the game. I loved it so much I got the original game it was based off of, Narbacular Drop, the free download link is:
And I only hope for a prequel.

Alvaro Vazquez de la Torre said...

Yep, I played that demo long time ago. Innovation pays at the end ;)