Wednesday, December 14, 2011


With the upcoming release of Knights of the old republic online, Sony online has forced the closure of the previous MMORPG based on the Star Wars franchise: Star Wars Galaxies.

I played that game for almost 2 years. As the matter a fact it was my first MMO ever, and I was passionate for it not only because I'm a Star Wars fan, but also because of the idea of a living world with its own logic and story-telling created by developers and users. I still dig into that idea and I'd love to create a world like that someday. Maybe writing, maybe in videogames.

Anyway, it's sad to know that a game and a world that you were so involved in is dead. I actually tried to re-activate my old account to take a look at the game before it was closed, but unfortunately my account was linked to an old and lost email account, and the Sony CS representatives were not particularly helpful, so I guess this is it. Rest in peace.

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