Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have an idiosincrasy about games: Whenever I buy one, I finish it. And now I´m going to break that rule with Dead Rising.

Some friends told me it was really entertaining, and I bought it. I should have had in mind they were truly hardcore gamers. I´ve never been attracted by the zombie theme (the game waited on my shelf for 5 years), but technically it was an interesting twist because of the number of enemies on screen. Why not enjoy it?

My, what a hardcore game. It rarely offers second chances, save points are difficult to find, missions are time based (you need to activate them before the counter reaches zero) but offers little communication about failing conditions. Side quests are poorly balanced and offer more frustration than joy, not to mention their interface is really annoying.

Essentially you´re supposed to fail, restart the game from the beginning, learn from your mistakes and try to avoid them to progress a little more until you have to restart the game again.

In other words, another japanese game that forces you play by its rules, not allowing the user enjoy it in the way he wants. I don´t have time for that, sorry.

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