Sunday, March 17, 2013


Crytek was kind enough to give us a free copy of Crysis 3, and last Saturday I finished it (sorry for the delay). I chose the PS3 version.

My overall feeling is quite good. It´s a solid work in most of the levels, with a higher focus on the story compared with the previous titles. Visually speaking is impressive even for PS3 (apparently in PC is superb) and the multiplayer is enjoyable, very similar to the CoD model.

Right now I´m still playing it to get some trophies (yep, I´m an achievement whore). There is a certain discontent in the company due to some low reviews (the game is ranking around 76-79 in metacritics) I can agree upon it: I don´t think the game should be below 80, or at the very least other games commonly rated over 90 should be lower.

But ok, the reviews are there and you have to live with them. In any sense is a good game, and it gets better by the end (some unique gameplay and bosses!). You may say it´s because I´m a Crytek employee, but I sincerely recommend to give it a try.

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