Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I bought Limbo on sale, attracted by its visual proposal and the good reviews. However I fully suspected it was one of those poetic games that I´m generally not too much attracted (i.e. Ico).

Truth is I enjoyed it. It´s mainly a puzzle game with some platforming, but the difficulty is limited for the most part of it, and I managed to go through 90% of the game without looking for solutions on the internet. The storytelling element was too subtle or obscure to me. I only found out you´re supposed to be looking for your sister reading walkthroughs after finishing it.

All in all I recommend it, particularly for those who look for inspirational elements in games and are willing to complete missing parts (in this case, intentionals). It´s short, it´s beautiful and if you like puzzles it´s fun.

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